I’ve Get Near To Another Guy. How do you Know Who is Right for Me?

Reader Question:

I was dating my personal existing boyfriend couple looking for a couple four years and ended up being ecstatic with this union. Not long ago I are becoming actually near to this various other man who is a buddy. We continuously talk and think of him.

I am aware we both share feelings for each various other, but neither folks provides totally admitted to it because we all know Im in a relationship already hence We nonetheless like and just have emotions for my personal current date.

Can there be an easy way to help work out who is right for me personally in this situation?

-Ashley (Indiana)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Torn between two guys. It will be the tale of numerous an intimate comedy and classic novel. The woman has a perfectly good enough date and in guides a dashing brand new man in order to create her hot, bothered and completely puzzled. Be confident, you, Miss Ashley, aren’t the very first woman to struggle with this issue.

When I found myself such a pickle, I would get pen to paper and create databases of pros and cons about each man, completing articles and columns and, really, starting to be more baffled. Because, frankly, it is impossible to evaluate familiar, steady and cozy to interesting, new and dangerous. They both possess some alluring strong things.

I’ll show this: The relationship that’s right individually is the any you really have with yourself. Are you currently being the girlfriend you’d like to wed at some point? Are you dealing with yourself in a fashion that retains compassion both for males? Will you be teasing this new guy for no explanation except your pride? Have you been just starting to inform white lays to your sweetheart so you can get an opportunity to run into Mr-New-And-Exciting?

The relationship that’s right available will be the any you make correct. I would begin by producing correct along with your conscience. Break up, if that is just what must occur. But do not remain on the fence long, or you might-be pushed off and secure regarding the prickly side.

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